& Celebrate the Skin You're In

Are you trapped in an exhaustive mental loop of feeling unhappy in your body?

Dear courageous sister, I see, hear and feel you!

I know what its like to be stuck in that cycle of body hate and my beautiful friend, I’m here to tell you it’s time to free ourselves for good.

I’m ready to free myself!

It’s time to say goodbye to:

❌Wasting energy on worrying about your physical appearance
❌Adjusting your clothes and/or sucking in your stomach
❌Any and all effort to try and make yourself look smaller or bigger
❌Controlling and restricting your body’s natural appetite and cravings
❌Thinking you can only eat an allotted presubscribed calorie amount each day
❌Any and all attempts to receive others’ approval based on appearances

The only thing these types of incessant, harsh and judgemental thought loops do is drain you and rob you of your life force.

Despite the cultural delusion that “a woman’s worth is tied to her weight and physical appearance”, YOU have the power to stop the “body hate”.

My mission is to change that collective narrative that keeps you stuck in a mental loop of feeling bad about your body and empower YOU to take complete ownership of you.

Learning to BE in your body is the KEY in slowing this train down and coming into a state of love, gentleness, understanding and complete acceptance. Just as YOU are!

When you are stuck in a habitual or conditioned response that is unkind to your body, it is unlikely that you are actually inhabiting your body.

Stop the Body Hate: How to Stop the Mental Loop of Feeling Bad About Your Body, will guide you to:

  • Being fully in your body
  • Bring back the power within you
  • Stop trying to ‘fix’ any discomfort through external means
  • Halt the viscous thoughts that keep you stuck
  • Come into a state of ease and presence

This Guided Audio practice and step-by-step detailed PDF will support you in changing the narrative and catch the unhealthy thought patterns quickly to help you make an empowered choice of how you view and feel within your body.

It is with deep love that I share this nourishing practice with you. I hope it serves you well <3

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