My Experience in a Fresh Cadaver Dissection Lab

cadaver dissection dissection lab fascia fresh cadaver fresh cadaver dissection lab Jul 12, 2023


A few weeks ago I was in a 5 day fresh cadaver dissection lab.

Before the first day, I was almost certain I’d pass out or get queasy. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to participate but have been intrigued by this type of learning experience for years to actually get to see and feel the layers of the body.

I ended day 1 feeling exhilarated and like I had a phenomenal experience. Beginning to feel a significant internal shift in regards to how I relate to the body on all levels, physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually.

Day 2: I was astounded at how beautiful the fascia is with this blue reflective property almost similar to mother of pearl. My relationship to the superficial fascia and adipose tissue (fat) changed, seeing the deep importance of those layers and how, once the main adipose tissue is removed, the form no longer looks like the person they were. Recognizing that my own adipose and superficial fascia is what gives me my shape, robustness, and protection.

Day 3: Rolling on the floor is awesome. It’s regulating, nourishing, and seems to help reestablish internal equilibrium.

Day 4: What a day. We saw so much. Seeing directly the relationship and interplay between the psoas, diaphragm, heart, and lungs.

Day 5: Visualizing to a level I couldn’t have even imagined, the tissue underneath me, going into a profound body state meditation, with for the first time some better semblance of my own inner layers of my body. Feeling my protective superficial fascia and adipose shell that gives my body its shape and robustness. Imagining what my muscles encased in fascia might look like, feeling around my head and skull and visualizing how that superficial layer might be after just seeing it gently removed from a human body.

Doing some self palpation massage where I felt and visualized my own heart, lung, diaphragm, psoas into my leg connection.

It really was astonishing. Phenomenal and exhilarating.

The donors (the bodies we worked on) were held with deep reverence and respect, making sure every part of them stayed together so that the entire body could be returned to the family.

Takeaways : there were a lot but here are a few that stick out:

- It’s not ‘variation from the norm’, instead, ‘variation is the norm’

- the importance of tissue hydration, move your body in all ways all day and give your body/ receive lots of loving intentional touch

- The more you learn, the more you realize just how much you don’t know, it’s a beautiful thing

- How truly beautiful and remarkable the muscle fascia layer of the body is and the blue iridescent view of the fascia


If you notice unkind, judgmental thoughts towards yourself or your body for being weird, not the 'correct'/'ideal' shape, etc, take a breath, and remind yourself there is no 'normal', your own unique variations are what make you YOU, variations are the NORM, and your adipose tissue (your fat) is what protects some of your most vulnerable parts of your body, it is what make YOU look like you, holding everything together, instead of trying to constantly get rid of it / see it as bad / shameful, please keep in mind also, it's importance. Notice if that invites you to come into a state of more love, gentleness, and acceptance.

Listen to my podcast episode going deeper into my experience here.


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