One of My Most Favorite Relationships in the Body

Dec 03, 2023

Welcome to Embodied Musings 

today's Musing =  Understanding the Heart, Lungs, Diaphragm, and Psoas Connection


One of my favorite & most beautiful relationships in the body: our heart, lungs, diaphragm, & psoas muscles.


As you breathe, your diaphragm is massaging your heart. Yes, you read that right! 

Watch the video where I show you where these parts are located in your body. This is important so that as you work to connect deeper with your own body, you have a clearer roadmap to visualize and work with. 

Stay tuned for next week where I'll share a specific practice to help soften this area which will support you in releasing low back pain and increasing your breath capacity. 


My podcast, Radical Embodiment, Season 4 is back after an unplanned 7 week hiatus. Tune in to the latest episode to hear why I needed to let go of the plan and take a break and how I relied upon one of my most favorite embodiment practices, Finding Your Line, to help me recenter and ground into embodied aligned action versus scattered busy-work that left me feeling depleted. 


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