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breathing techniques dance dancer floor flow self soothing sensual schmearing slosh wrigge and writhe Jul 06, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, I got to spend 4 days with some pretty amazing humans moving & grooving on the floor for the in-person portion Floor Flow Teacher Training


Floor flow : where dance meets self soothing & creative play without having to be a dancer at all, with a side of sensual schmearing if you want it. 


It feels like a vacation when I get to spend full days being led by others & turn off the part of me that facilitates and leads others.


A gift that Marlo brings in her teaching & is able to pull out of others is her ability to bring a sense of continuity, getting people to be open to playfulness, & closer to flow state.


Why the floor? 


From Marlo, ‘because it’s the most accessible place to teach people how to be more free in their bodies, if you can lay down on the floor you can get lost in a song.


Dance feels intimidating and out of reach for a lot of people, but moving your body in union, rhythmically with music is one of our most ancestral ways of self regulating, moving to the soothing quality of song.


My invitation for this week’s blog is to let yourself Slosh Wriggle & Writhe for the length of 1 song. You choose, put on something that has a beat & always seems to make your body want to move. Lay on the floor. Breath. Don’t force any movements, feel like you need to be ‘getting somewhere’ / ‘doing something’. Just let yourself move when your body is ready to move, however it wants to move, for the entire song. That’s it. Enjoy <3 


Report back here with how your Slosh Wriggle & Writhe  time goes, I’d love to hear.


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