Summer thoughts & new podcast episode

affirmations podcast summer summer in boulder Jul 09, 2023

It’s been an interesting summer here in Boulder. We’ve had almost daily rain & thunderstorms. Honestly, I’ve quite been enjoying it and of course moisture is always welcome here in this very dry state where fires are all too common. 


I spent 4 days over the past week camping with friends in a beautiful spot I’ve been once before. My last day and night were solo which was perfect for some reflection time in nature. 


I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately, specifically human life. How resilient and adaptable our bodies are while simultaneously how fragile they are. Seeing this up close and personal in the fresh cadaver dissection lab I attended. 


The only guarantee we have in this life is our impermanence. I’ve recently been reminded of this fact from a few close to home occurrences, a friend who was in a traumatic car accident (she’s ok), an old dear friend who suddenly and tragically passed, and then on my last night camping, a crew of 4 ATVs suddenly stopped on the road by my campsite, all in a panic, one of their family members had suddenly gone unconscious, I luckily had some cell service & was able to call 911. I don’t know the end of how that story went, other than, it was abrupt, scary, and fast. 


I’m sharing all of this not to sound all doomsday or looking for sympathy, but rather to let you know a bit personally what’s come up for me the past couple of weeks and how it’s making me even more passionate about supporting myself and others to fully and deeply learn to love our bodies. 


This reminder of our inevitable mortality has me more focused on saying the things I’m afraid to say, of taking the risks that my heart wants, and of wanting to be as kind and loving to my body as I can be. 


This week’s podcast episode just dropped, Nurturing Your Body and Spirit: Unlocking Fascia Health with Positive Affirmations. In it I share about the connection I see between our fascia health and the words we say to ourselves and how to develop a truly effective, ‘tissue love’ practice. 


These are the bodies we have in this life. I’m doing my best and gently, lovingly, and curiously more motivated than ever to respect and tend to this body to the best of my ability. 


I hope you enjoy the episode and I hope you get to have some time in nature just being, not doing, to give the space for reflection, rest, and replenishment. 


Much love, 



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