Transform Your Emotional Well-Being and Body Awareness: Hear What My Client Has to Say!

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Today I am sharing with you the words of a dear client who went through my 12-week private coaching program. It is my honor to get to share this with you. 


‘Prior to working with Emily I was feeling very disconnected from my body and almost at war with myself. I had a lot of body shame and quite often was emotionally eating and then beating myself up for it- it was an exhausting and vicious cycle. My problem was both not being able to process my feelings and turning to food as well as all the body shame and hate that came along afterwards!  


Since working with Emily I was finally able to understand what being in my body felt like. I was able to feel more emotions and process them through my body which eliminated much of my overeating. I also learned to give myself grace and be more gentle and loving towards my body


Through my work with Emily and all of her support and guidance I was able to turn my relationship with my body from an ongoing battle to a source of kindness and love. It has been such a relief both mentally and physically to have truly changed this perspective. 


Emily made me feel safe and supported. I was able to share things with her about how I felt about my body and that is something that I don't generally speak about. It feels like you are talking to a very dear friend. You know that she is there for you and has your best interests at heart. She also does a great job of leading you through this process-whatever that may be for you. She will encourage, support and challenge you to ensure you make progress and great changes for yourself! 


For anyone out there searching for "how to process your emotions" or "how to be present in your body" Emily can help! When I first started out on this journey I read all of this information about how important it is to "feel your feelings and process your emotions" but I didn't quite understand how?! “How” is what I was searching for and that is what I found with Emily! 


She walked me through being in my body and truly making that connection. That has improved my life in so many ways.


I have been able to:

  • almost completely end my overeating, 
  • stop waging war against my body via negative self-talk and shaming, 
  • decrease my anxiety by processing that feeling through my body and allowing me to regain a clear head.


All of this has given me my confidence back! 


If you are on the fence about getting coaching with Emily I can tell you right now, DO IT! You won't regret it!


I am so grateful that I was able to work with her, it has been life changing!’  

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