Creating Ease through the Front & Back

Feb 19, 2024

In last week’s Embodied Musings I talked about palintonicity and invited you to play with experiencing 2-directional length through your spine. This week, we are expanding on that. 


We’re still playing with this idea of palintonicity, which is about creating balance in multiple directions. Now, we’re going to think of palintonicity in regards to the front and back of your body; creating balance and more span between the front and back of your body. 


Play with one bullet at a time:

- As you breathe, allow your breath to come through the front and back of your rib cage and torso. 

- Your head, think of having awareness of both the front and back of your head. 

- Your pelvis, not just thinking of the front, but invite your attention also into your sacrum and tailbone. 


Once you have a sense in your own body of that front to back relationship, add on the cue from last week which was feeling 2-directional length through your spine (you’re getting a subtle lift through the crown of your head while also, a grounding length through your tailbone).


Notice: What is different in regards to how you feel in your body as you play with these cues?


Stay tuned for next week’s Embodied Musings where we’ll take Palintonicity into movement!


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