Expression from the Front of the Spine

Jan 29, 2024

This week’s Embodied Musings is continuing with the theme of the front of the spine. A couple of months ago, I talked about one of my favorite relationships in the body: the heart, lungs, diaphragm, & psoas muscles. This relationship connects so directly to our emotional health & sense of self. All of those parts of that relationship are all connected to, hanging off from the front of your spine. 


Important centers that connect into the front of the spine:

Throat = our center for self expression through our voice

Heart = our center for self expression of love

Lungs = expression through breath

Psoas Muscles = expression through movement


I share these videos that highlight each week a bits upon bits that build on each other of our body’s anatomy because I believe that if we want to inhabit our body & live an embodied life, it is SOOOO important that we have an understanding of our basic anatomy. The more you can have your own visual of what is happening from a very literal anatomical level in your own body, the more able you will be to really BE present in your body. 

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