Finding Alignment: Gentle Cues for HeadEase

Mar 11, 2024

The next few weeks in Embodied Musings we’re going to focus on our head, yay!

So many of the activities that we do in today’s world: being on our cell phones, computers, looking at screens, driving, etc, have the tendency to pull our heads forward and lead to built up tension at the base of the skull (the occiput).

In today’s musing, I’m sharing a couple of cues to support you in bringing your head back with ease.

My intention is always to find cues that support us in finding a more upright posture with ease. Cues that evoke us finding support from within versus cues that lead to our body wanting to over-effort and engage.

Cue’s to play with:

  1. Imagine you have eyes in the back of your skull.
  2. Pretend you have gills or lungs right behind your jaw, breathe into that space.

Play with both or play with one.

Your choice.

Notice what these cues shift for you. Do you notice a difference in your awareness or in how you are holding your head?

If these cues work for you, write them down somewhere you will see at least a few times a day to remind you to check in with them.


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