Fluid Symmetry: Embracing Palintonicity in Motion

Feb 26, 2024

This week we are continuing with the theme of palintonicity, the idea of creating balance in multiple directions to support our body into a more natural, easeful alignment & posture that’s not rigid, but is dynamic.


Quick recap from the last 2 weeks:

We talked about having the intention of creating 2-directional length through your spine

Then we talked about creating more balance between the front & back of your body


Now, we are going to bring both of these ideas into movement. 


To start with this idea, try a seated forward fold.


Seated forward fold: 

- As you are stretching over your legs, you are thinking of creating length out through your feet.

- Simultaneously, you are also intending to lengthen through your sits bones. 

- Keeping your awareness on these two oppositional vectors of length, also think of lengthening through the crown of your head. 


The idea here is that you are lengthening in at least 3 directions. 


Notice how playing with these cues shifts how you feel in the seated forward fold. Maybe you’re not able to go as deep in the stretch. Maybe you notice you have a bit more overall integrity through your body as you are in the stretch.


As you move through this week, I invite you to play with this idea of palintoncity in your movement, every day movements and movements at the gym. 


How can you create more span, more balance throughout your entire body & system as you move? 


As you move with this intention, does this evoke a different quality in your movement?


Cheers to playing with palintonicity!


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