Feb 12, 2024


~ A fancy term for seeking balance in a body in terms of up/down, front/back, in/out, and left/right relationships.


For this specific Embodied Musings, we are focusing on lengthening our spine in 2 directions: up & down.


As you will notice from the video, my skeleton boyfriend & I are taking a break.... (don't worry, he will be back soon, for now we get the spine & pelvis).


This week, play with this idea,


 - can you simultaneously lengthen through the front of your spine, as well as lengthen through the bottom?


I invite you to play with this however you'd like, when chopping vegetables, when sitting in your car at a red light, when leaning over to brush your teeth, in your workout, etc. 


A couple of places that are a bit easier to help feel this two directional length are:


  1. Cat/ Cow Pose : as you move through the two poses, have the intention to create length in both directions of your spine
  2. Walking : when you are out walking, see if you can feel your spine lengthening in both directions.


My main tip for playing with this cue


 = Don't try super hard to make anything happen. Let this be easy & fun. If you notice yourself starting to get rigid / creating more tension in your body to feel something, shake it out. 


enjoy !!


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