The Front of Your Spine

Jan 21, 2024

This week's Embodied Musings is on the Front of Your Spine


When we tend to think of our spine, we think about our back. Looking at the lower thoracic vertebrae & your lumbar vertebrae, they actually go quite deep within you. 


There is a thin ligament called the anterior longitudinal ligament.


Close your eyes (this is a quick way to tune in to your body):

 - Where is your own front of your spine?

 - Do you have any sort of relationship with the front of your spine?


Being able to access the front of your spine is an important fundamental piece in your overall structural integrity, in being about to be more upright with ease, to have midline strength, but also to feel really strong & powerful.


I believe this is where our inherent strength resides. If we want to feel more confident, feel good about ourselves, and feel more clarity, connecting to the front of your spine can deeply support you in that. 


I will be sharing more videos on the front of your spine so stay tuned to that!


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