The Shoulder Girdle

Dec 01, 2023

The shoulder girdle is made up of our scapula (shoulder blade), clavicle (collar bone), and the humerus (upper arm bone).


We are often given the cue of ‘pull your shoulders down.’ It’s common to over-do the pulling down. This can create some compression specifically at your collarbones onto your top ribs. Your brachial plexus is the nerve branch that innervates your arm, it runs under the collarbone. If you are continually pulling shoulders down in a way that creates a pattern of collarbones being locked up and adhesed into the rib cage, it can lead to some numbness in the lower arm as well as create limitations in your ability to receive a full inhale. 


Think of allowing your collarbones to float up. Imagine them being free, a gentle floating sensation. Utilizing your inhale can help support this. 


Another common adhesion of the shoulder girdle is the scapula getting kind of glued down onto the rib cage. This will limit and restrict your overall range-of-motion in your shoulder. 


Visualize your breath coming into the space between your rib cage and shoulder blade.


Notice how this simple practice of allowing your collarbones to float up while also visualizing your breath creating a bit more space between your shoulder blade and rib cage can have a profound lasting effect on how you hold yourself. 


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