3 Tips for a Joyful and Confident Season

be confident body acceptance body awareness body confidence body freedom body image body insecurity body shame confident in own skin May 30, 2023

With swimsuit season approaching, I wanted to take a moment to address the challenges that many of us face when it comes to body image and self-judgment during this time of year. As an Embodiment Coach and Certified Rolfer, I understand the struggles that can arise when we feel insecure in our bodies. That's why I wanted to share three specific tips that can help you navigate the summertime triggers and cultivate a more loving and accepting relationship with your body.


  1. Take a Conscious Breath:

When you catch yourself judging your body or feeling self-conscious about a particular outfit, pause and take a deep breath. Breathing consciously helps anchor you in the present moment and creates space for self-awareness. As you inhale, imagine filling your body with love and acceptance, and as you exhale, release any negative thoughts or judgments that arise. This simple practice can help you regain your center and shift your focus towards how you feel, rather than how you look.


  1. Ground Yourself:

Grounding is a powerful technique that reconnects you with your physical body and the present moment. Find a quiet space, take off your shoes if possible, and stand barefoot on the ground. Close your eyes and visualize roots extending from the soles of your feet, grounding you deep into the earth. Feel the stability and support of the ground beneath you, allowing it to nourish and strengthen you. This practice can help you feel more grounded and connected to your body, fostering a sense of stability and confidence.


  1. Offer Loving Touch and Feedback:

Our bodies respond to touch, and a gentle, loving touch can help foster a deeper sense of connection and acceptance. Find a moment each day to give yourself a brief touch on a part of your body that you usually feel insecure about. It could be a gentle pat on your stomach or a loving stroke on your thighs. As you touch yourself, offer words of kindness and appreciation for the strength and beauty of your body. This practice helps to shift your focus from criticism to compassion and allows you to connect with your body in a more nurturing way.


Remember, these tips are just starting points on your journey towards embracing your body fully. If you'd like more comprehensive support, I invite you to explore my online course, "Body Love: 12-Weeks to Happiness & Confidence in your Own Skin." This course provides valuable tools and practices, including learning about anatomy, exploring energetic practices, and understanding emotional processing. As a participant, you'll receive weekly direct support from me to help you stay accountable and overcome any obstacles that arise. 


To learn more about "Body Love" and see if it's the right fit for you, schedule a 15-minute call with me.


Remember, embodying self-love and acceptance is a courageous choice that you can make each day. This summer, let's shower ourselves with love and acceptance, celebrating the joy of inhabiting our bodies exactly as they are. Wear those bathing suits, short shorts, and halter tops with confidence because it feels good to express yourself authentically.


Wishing you a summer filled with self-love, confidence, and beautiful moments of connection with your body.


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