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As swimsuit season approaches, it's common for those who have struggled with body dissatisfaction to face a barrage of negative thoughts and behaviors towards their own bodies. 


The pressure to conform to society's airbrushed standards can lead to attempts at restrictive diets, pushing yourself harder during workouts, and scrutinizing every aspect of our bodies in the mirror, often perceiving them as flaws.


Imagine if this summer could be different. Rather than obsessing over your appearance in a bathing suit and striving to fit into some elusive "perfect" shape amidst all the summer festivities,  what if you could remain grounded in yourself and prioritize how you feel while wearing that bathing suit?


What if you could experience a profound sense of joy and liberation, basking in the sun and wearing as much or as little as pleases your heart?


Yes, this is possible for you. 


Believe me. 


I know what it's like to constantly feel insecure about my body. The thought of wearing a swimsuit in front of others, let alone posting a photo of myself in one on social media, used to bring about an overwhelming wave of anxiety and distress.


To be completely honest, when I first came across a photo that a friend captured of me recently while I was simply lounging and enjoying the warmth of the sun (without my knowledge), my initial instinct was to focus on what my conditioned mind deemed as "flaws." My narrow perspective immediately honed in on the idea that my stomach appeared larger in this particular shot and that the angle did no justice to my thighs whatsoever.


To embrace your body completely doesn't imply that thoughts like these won't occasionally sneak in.


However, what truly matters is that when you genuinely love your body, you become more aware of these thoughts. Recognizing them is the first step towards initiating any form of transformation – awareness is key.


In this particular instance, once I became aware of those unkind thoughts trying to emerge, I consciously chose to distance myself from the photo. I took a moment to center myself, taking a few deep and soothing breaths. Then, I looked at the photo again, and to my astonishment, I saw a woman who exuded confidence, reveling in the delightful sensation of the sun caressing her skin. I refused to let my mind be consumed by trivial, unkind, and unfounded thoughts.


The path towards embracing our bodies completely begins with learning to inhabit this vessel, the one human form we are blessed with in this lifetime.


Wouldn't it be a delightful experience to shower this vessel with love and acceptance, rather than subjecting it to the abuse of negative, habitual, conditioned thinking and behaviors?


In my online course, "Body Love: 12-Weeks to Happiness & Confidence in your Own Skin," I guide you through a transformative journey, week by week. Together, we explore various aspects such as developing a deeper understanding of your body through simple anatomy, incorporating energetic practices, and experiencing the power of "dropping in." Additionally, the course assists you in gaining insight into your emotional processing, fostering a sense of safety in vulnerability and sensuality, and much more.


As a participant in the course, you'll receive personalized support directly from me on a weekly basis. I'll be there to hold you accountable and offer guidance whenever you encounter any roadblocks along the way.

To discover more about Body Love and determine if it's the right fit for you, I invite you to schedule a 15-minute call with me.


Embodiment is a daily, consistent, moment to moment CONSCIOUS COURAGEOUS CHOICE. 


May you empower yourself with the tools that will not only support you now but throughout your entire life, enabling you to fully embody your body and reconnect with your truth and love. May you relish in the joy of wearing bathing suits, short shorts, halter tops, or any attire that brings you delight, simply because it feels good. 


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