Unveiling Deeper Dimensions of Low Back Pain

Feb 05, 2024

In my practice as both a Rolfer and Embodiment Coach, a recurring issue I encounter is low back pain. While this pain can stem from various factors, one often overlooked contributor is the abdominal cavity. I've recently been discussing the significance of the front of the spine in my Embodied Musings.


The abdominal cavity is essentially suspended from the front of the spine. When individuals experience bloating, digestive discomfort, or tension resulting from excessive exercises like crunches that primarily engage superficial abdominal muscles instead of the deep ones, it can lead to strain and pressure within the abdominal cavity. This, in turn, creates tension in the lumbar spine.


So, what can be done to address this issue? One effective approach I recommend is using a Coregeous ball. You can find a detailed guide in my Embodied Musings video where I walk you through the process. 


This technique helps create more space in your lumbar spine while relieving the excess pressure in your abdominal cavity. Not only can this provide relief from low back pain, but it can also enhance your ability to take deeper breaths and improve digestion.


In summary, the lesson to take away from this is to pay attention to your viscera. The fascia in your body plays a significant role in supporting and positioning your organs. Through gentle techniques demonstrated in the video I've provided, you can promote the motility of your internal organs, contributing to your overall well-being.

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